Trusted to add whatever it takes
to do it your way.
If you need more time,
extra skills or
a fresh pair of eyes then
please talk to us.
We relish providing the missing piece in your puzzle
At Melandra we've spent our lives building the skills to solve your problems. This has taken years, because our favourite kind of issues are thorny ones.

Along the way we've helped teams do new things and overcome long-standing obstacles. We've founded a world-leading software company, managed a $1bn portfolio and delivered real results from blue sky research.

You've probably encountered some of our clients, because they range from blue chip companies to entrepreneurs and include the government and NHS. You may well meet our work in the future too, because a strength of ours is working with university research teams.

We've learnt that success comes from listening, understanding and solving all of a problem.  Talk to us: make yours the next challenge we rise to.

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